Автор:You Am I

At night in the minefield, tuggin’ my uniform
Loose chaps and keeping tabs where I’m lying on
Where you suppose the interest came
In whose to receive here and whose to blame
Huh? I don’t get it .. C’mon

Shotgun ……… those shells and get those slippery suckers down
ASIO and the carrion crow could sure use you around
With your microphone hidden in my drawers
Why don’t you just beat me off with those claws
Hit it

I trust you just as far as low fat groceries
Wouldn’t you like to know whose tugging at my jeans
I’ll stick this friggin’ neck right down your cake-hole
Just as soon as let you mess with the love I know

It’s thuggery
It’s thuggery
It’s thuggery

It’s your time to shout get over it
Let the blood rush to my head
Come on little man
What don’t you get

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