Take The 227th Exit

Автор:The Papercuts

Take the 227th exit
To my wedding day
And if you don’t think
That you can make it
Well, that’s okay

Well, you were crying
Because you read my dear John
And you were so stunned
It was the 227th letter
I wrote you last month

Well, every proposal you got
Babe, you threw away
And you had so many lovers
That you didn’t even know
All their names

And they would always
Think that I was the doorman
When they’d pass by
It didn’t bother me
Until the 227th time

Standing on the bed
Looking like an ogre
I could get ugly too
Standing on the bed
Feeling just like Randy Johnson
I didn’t know I could throw so hard

Well, you were looking like a dope
Who left his keys inside
Running down the street
Asking god to restore your mind
And did you think that you could
Stop my wedding before it begun

Well, it’s the 227th entrance
We gotta run
Well, it’s the 227th entrance
We gotta run

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