Little Shirley Temple

Автор:Temple Shirley
Альбом:Unrecorded (1935)

Temple Shirley
Unrecorded (1935)
Little Shirley Temple
Lyrics & Music H.Pincus, H.Stride, B.Maltin

(A very rare piece of music that was never recorded as far as is known, and does not have a regular cover)
Verse 1
Go to sleep my baby
Close your pretty eyes
I will sing, my baby
Mother’s lullaby

Little Shirley Temple
Sweet as sugar pie
Roguish little dimple
Twinkle in her eye

With her childish laughter
Like an angel’s smile
Sunshine that comes after
It has rained awhile

Put your rocking horse
And your dolls away
There’s the chime
And it is time to go to bed

Sandman’s on his way
Can’t you hear him say
Pleasant dreams will keep
While you’re asleep
You little sleepy head

Little Shirley Temple
Bright as stars that shine
That is why I love her
For she’s just as sweet as mine

Verse 2
Now the sun is sinking
Shadows start to creep
Stars above are winking
Baby go to sleep

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