Автор:Stacey Earle
One shinin’ bright
The other hung the moon
Just like night and day
One must leave the room
Oh, why? Tell me why?

First, second, third
Sounds just like a lover
Home went way out left field
Left his base uncovered
Oh, why? Tell me why?

Newton found his theory
Lyin’ underneath a tree
But, long before that
Lie Mr. Adam, Ms. Eve
Oh, why?

Why? Why? Why
Why you wanna make me cry?
Why, you wanna make me do those things I do?
Makin’ a fool of myself over you
Oh, why? Tell me why?

I wasn’t born yesterday
I know where I was the day before
Sittin’ on a plane
I was knocking at her door
And why? I’ll tell you why?

I was there for only what was mine
And that’s sixteen years of my precious time
And, that there, I don’t take too lightly
Come on home, darlin’, let’s go quietly

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