Walk A Straight Line

I need some help, help to decide
Whether it’s our love that steps out of time
You say you need time on your own
Time to accept how our love has grown

And when you think about
All of the bad in me
Think about this too
How me and you could forever be

In need of help, help to expand
With each others minds together to plan
Time in our lives, time on our own
So one day we’ll see our love has grown

And when that day arrives
I don’t know where we’ll be
But I hope that trust can be for us
And you’ll still love me

I need some help, help to be found
When you are alone I won’t let you down
We all need time, time on our own
So we can step back and see how love’s grown

And when I’m stepping back
I hope that I will see
That faith can play a part today
For both you and me

And if love needs help
And if love needs time
Give love the strength
To walk a straight line

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