Warrior Princess

Автор:Savior from Anger
Альбом:Age of Decadence
I see the blood on your face
life has broken your embrace
I know the sadness of your fate.
With the death in heart bid you farewell
Your mouth is closed and faded
My mind don’t want to see. This is my hell!!!

1 Chorus:
Stay with me
I want to see me in your eyes
Stay with me
’til the end of time.

The wind moves your long hair
Seal the tears in my prayer
It’s time for you to leave the land
I’ll never forget you warrior princess
I’ll know how to speak to your heart
I just need to start again.

2 Chorus:
Stay with me
I feel the cold of your hands
Stay with me
last breath, you’re gone.

I will lock my heart away
I’ll live in silence in your name
Today I lost my princess warrior.

1 Solos M.Ruggiero
1 Chorus x2
2 Solos M.Iaccarino
1 Chorus
3 Solos M.Ruggiero
2 Chorus x4
4 Solos M.Ruggiero

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