Автор:Mount Eerie
Альбом:Black Wooden Ceiling Opening

A satiated bear
Sitting back on the chair
I’m full
So now how am I aware?

Our bones will blow away
But what do I care?
Mountain shape
Towns people’s offerings

Are you still standing there?
My delicate contentedness
I’m unkind
And soon will be hungry

Are you coming over for dinner?
Are you coming over for lunch?
A hole in the side of the building
A crack in the mountain opens
Contentedness on its foundation
Of constantly waking up to obliteration

Of pieces of world
And blown away bones
I’m full
And I have found my home

Sitting up in the bed
In the small town at night
Mountain shape
Was that someone knocking?

It was my appetite
Curious and wide-eyed
Two question marks
And then the door blew down

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