coke can

Автор:Irvine West

Irvine West
coke can
Now imma gon tell you some shit
about, my coke can rap hit
uh uh yeah sing with me
red and shiny on the outside
brown and bubbling on the inside
the fact it gets you high the can would hide no one expects that, you’re taken for a ride
Footballers love it
rappers love it too
to get the drink there’s nothing they wont do

coke coke the drink y’all love
coke coke when your high you think love
coke coke don’t get it confused with the shit you smoke
cos i’ll make ya choke
on the shit that y’all spoke

yeah! we love it
and all the chicks wanna say we love it
there aint enough shit
so there’s my black market
you can’t touch it
you cant fuck wid
easy enough sell to something
we get nothing
we get enough spin
easy enough to floss wid
its the coke can shit forever believe it

yes! imma gon say this one last time
are you all shaking your head to this rhyme?
i hope that y’all sing on this line
don’t leave me on my nines
i’m having one hell of a time!

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