Heaven On Earth

Автор:Freelove Laurie
Альбом:Smells Like Truth
Freelove Laurie
Smells Like Truth
Heaven On Earth
(Laurie Freelove)

There’s a light that plays in every shadow
While the moon, it tugs at ocean tides
There are roots growing underneath the gravel
This is life, eternal on the prowl

And it’s born into our living
Like a breath of ancient wild
We’re anchored to its wisdom
We’re in the orbit of its power somehow
Oh, but somehow

We are still longing soul after soul
Dancing in shadows that fall from the moon
We are still yearning touch after touch
Reaching to heaven for what’s here on this earth
Here on this earth now oh

All that binds this fate to us is hidden away
in gods and flags and walls of faith
That fear has some place
But fear has no place
Not on this earth

There is love behind an angry eye
And there is hope inside a fearful heart
And this is truth just waiting to unravel
Our lives eternal in its power

While the earth and moon are spinning
Romancing satellites
Faithful to a rhythm
An extraordinary rhyme somehow
Oh, but somehow


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