Автор:Daphne Khoo

I need you
Near me now
I never knew
Just how…

you’re a part of me in all i am..
never been more in the dark
never been this scared
never was so uncertain of what to do or speak
never been so alone..
never been without you..
never had more than i could keep

and what i need now
is someone like you.
cant believe i didnt look u up
even before i knew
how u have waited for me
i know now
and i..

im desperate im calling out ur name(can u hear me)
im faling i cant feel ur flame, its so cold and i..
i wanna go home
wanna feel ur arms around me(can u hear me.. save me..)

so afraid
with who i am
i need your strength
to live again

I put my hand in Yours,
you fill me up. (fill me up)
I know You’ll always be there,
You’re more than enough

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