Down Below

Автор:The Muggs
Альбом:Full Tilt

You think I’m wrong / I think you’re right
Won’t let it go without a fight
The sense you make makes me want to explode
You’re barely in the known
When you’re searchin’ for another complex code
I’ll leave it down below.

You’ve thrown aside your heavy load
You’re taught to break before you’ve bowed
When it’s time to face the up you need to own
You’ll be the first to know
The team I’m on is always in first place
When I’m down below.

I think you’re wrong / you know I’m right
My sense of black makes sense of white
Just take an axe to your overblown point
And cut it down to size
When your thoughts are all plagiarized
If you’re listening to bad advice
When pretension is just a cheap disguise
You’ll know you’re down below.

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