Автор:Soulja Boy
Альбом:The DeAndre Way
[** Deluxe Bonus Tracks:]

Yeah!! Aight

[Chorus (2x):]
Banana kush (banana kush) purple drank (purple drank)
Extended clips (extended clips) what you thank (what you thank)
Man I paid cash (I paid cash) digital dash (digital dash)
I do this shit (I do this shit) I do it big (I do it big)

It's what I do (it's what I do) it's how I live (it's how I live)
Fifty thousand a day God damn I did it big (I did it big)
Boy I do this shit (boy I do this shit)
Pink and yellow stones (pink and yellow stones)
Vanilla on the cone (on the cone)
The king on the throne (on the throne)
Rush inside yo' home like you real home alone
Then tell them leave me alone 'fore a hollow tip full of chrome
Purple drank for real (for real) bank 'fore the deal
Five off the real, I'm gettin it how I live (yeah)
I'm tellin you this shit (shit) I'm spittin you real shit (shit)
I'm reminiscin back then when I didn't have shit
Bow did they hit the block? A hundred cake for real (real)
Five on my plate bitch tell me how you feel (yah)
This is how I live (swag) I've been had racks (Dre)
I been had cash, fifty thousand G's in my backpack
Damn I'm the shit, damn you a bitch, damn we so hot
As I reminiscin, light my stink, I'm thinkin

[Repeat Chorus:]

Question of the day — why do niggaz hatin me?
Because I pulled up in Mercedes that was AMG
All black 22, tinted like I tall cat
Get yo' ass smashed quick, whip that fuckin ball back
Ran around town what's the word in my neighborhood
Grape's in the air so we really don't care
Ain't no hollerin WOO! Like my name Ric (la) Flair
Say we gettin money yeah and I am not snatchin on no hair
It's cash everywhere, in the stash, in the chair
I got cash in the dash, and this passed in the air
As I pass off to Kurt, smokin herb bitch you heard
What's the word in my crew? You get flipped like a bird
And I'm dooze off the roof seduce twenty off my cake
Man damn I'm the shit, man pass me that cake yeah
Young Dre, man call me a boss
Cortez in this bitch, S.O.D. break 'em off

[Repeat Chorus:]

Steez (7x)
Steez (6x)

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