Taxidermist Taxidermist

Автор:Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Альбом:Ripely Pine

Happiness is our dream jacket
Happiness is our dream jacket
We wear our own
and we own them separate
But how warm mine is when I have it

Pushy persuasion
Ligament and bone
Ligament and bone
Crystal structures
Defects and blunders
Once turning
All my mineral to stone

And so I reintroduce me to myself
«how do you do?»
I say, «I’ve heard such lovely things about
who you are and where you’ve been,
but be in me again back in me again.»

Will, oh will, oh wilderness, my wilderness
Dark and and ambiguous
will you tangle me in?
Lie, oh lie, oh lioness, my lioness
Sharp and ambivalent

Won’t you lie on my skins?
Taxi, taxidermist, taxidermist
Sopping-ripe intentionest, oh I am intent
On paying attention again
to my own cracked compass,

Semantic satiation
Where I can say your name
Over and over
Til it means nothing
A deliberate extinction
Of everything I know now I
was never meant
to know about you

But you are a fawn
With such secrets
And I have been fond
and keen on your meekness
I’ve bled dry for your arms
and longed to gnaw on your neck
Fawning over it

My love, oh my sweet love
whom I am yet to unravel with
One night lie on my pulse
Tap the beats of my heart
out on your clavicle
One night we shall be enraptured,
sweet enrapture!

What anticipation and how masterful
You can show me I am here in this world,
tall and truly true
Meeting myself before I meet you.

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