Альбом:Tales Of Brave Ida

I am standing outside
The birds are flying west
I am in the middle of a puddle
With mud on my dress
But I liked the way that I was
And I wanted to stay that way
But I took a walk last night
And now everything, everything’s changed

I like to draw maps
I like to show you where I’ve been
This is the place where it’s hotter than summer
This is where I’m called Madeline
Have you ever felt heat so deep in your blood?
Where fire meets iron and melts down the core
This is the thing that you shouldn’t have done
And that’s what I’m gonna make you pay for this
Now that I make this noise
I don’t have to listen to you

You asked to see my compass
It’s pointed toward the sky
Time is going to give up on me
I need to learn to fly
I’m going to spread my wings
And hold my only pain
And the birds will commend my island
As I swim to the top of the rain

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