Signals of Infection

Альбом:Dawn of the End
Now take a look, Evil that I see
Everything you once knew, it’s not reality
Threat of infection, spreading
Virus of creation, killing
We must pull together, reject this disease
Find a place of shelter, back to the sea
We must fight back is the plan of action
Time is running is out, with minutes to react!

Black days of plague, a new dark age of man
Chaos is the order, now make a stand
Consumed by fear, they have the upper hand
End is drawing near, time for us to kill
Take them out by night, it’s the only way
Swiftly creep from the fog, they are now our prey
Sole survivors of the raid we have lost hope
No relief from this hell, we will now kill!

Signals of infection!
Signals of…infection!
Signals of infection the end of mankind
Fall to the ground, we will now die
Signals of infection the end of you and I
Falling to the ground you will now die!!!

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