Fall from Grace

Альбом:Dawn of the End

Fall from the phantom skies
Dry, bleaked and worn
Senses of fear
Overwhelm your sense of life
Desolation of mind
Spreads through body and soul
Chill your bones with fright
Paranoia creeps through your veins

Sinister intentions
Relinquish your dreams
Deafening silence
Visions drive you insane
Unrelenting darkness
Feeds the pain
Witness your death
Fall from grace!

Shattered lies
Withered time
Descending from the light
Angel of the night

(Fall from grace!)
Watch your
(Fall from grace!)
Heed my
(Fall from grace!)
Face the wrath of the dark!

(Lead: Ramos)
(Lead: Webb)

Blood drips from your eyes, evil tears
Shunned from holy life, now you must rise

Now your dreams have gone
Wake to this hell
Feel not the light
But eternal black
Violent embrace
Death warms your soul
Now watch us fall
Fall from grace!

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