Exploiting Dysfunction

Автор:Cephalic Carnage

Before the tornadoes came
The sun never shined the same
Rabbit freak on a bridge
Pissing on cars driving below

Cat hunters ride, drowning cats
To be brokered for a dollar a pound
We need milkshakes and glue
Sisters play with their tits innocently yet seductively

Brothers wrestle out debates
Incestuous story a little girl tells about her dirty dad
Small town teens born into hate the cycle grown
Some will not escape

Sniffing glue reveals his brother’s queer
Little kids with vulgar mouths attack the rabbit
Rob nothing, this city has a high disable rate
A.D.D. Ritalin boy, black midget liaison with a distraught

Abused as a kid, manic depressive in dire need for love
Stumble onto a fellow cat killer, ask his whole life story
Break into his house and euthanate this dormant lady
There’s a guy who pimps his retarded sister

Such a normality
People with atrial septal
Defect coarctation of the aorta, tetraloy or fallot
Despondent man, gossiper tries to feel up the impending sisters

Older inbreds party, wrecking up a house,
Crushing the table and chair like wild vultures
Living in a house with a mother who never cleans
Boxes, clothes, trash piled everywhere, piled everywhere, piled everywhere

Exploiting dysfunction
Soaking in a tub of green water
Mother brings to him a plate of spaghetti plate with ketchup
Chocolate bars falls in the water

Pick it up and eat it
Before the tornadoes came
Our splendid town was never changed

From a movie that I was, it was disturbing
Big wigs exploiting dysfunction
Of the worlds’ freaks

Jim Rose, State Fair obscurities
Conjoined twins, congenital amputee
Born a side show attraction
Exploiting dysfunction

Kill the chair, nobody smokes in the water
Must be the water, pretty much like the cities I’ve seen
Dysfunction is a way of life
Like the side show freak glamorized

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