Shout Louder

Автор:Altar Boys
Альбом:Against The Grain



Bigger hearts, smaller mouths

Rebels attention, can you hear me?
Man, we’ve got to take this message out in the streets
(And not necessarily with a megaphone)
In this wilderness our voices(hearts) must be heard
With everything we’ve got to be a light in this world

Rebels attention, do you hear me?
It’s not easy I know, but you’ve got to stand with me
I’ve too many people fallen to the lies
The truth has to come from you and I

We’ve got to shout louder! louder!
Louder than the world!
Shout it straight from your hearts(key word here)
Give it to them all you’ve got shout it!

Hey rebels attention you can hear me
All the fired out brains and kids without names
get to me.
I see them lying there in the city morgue
Mom and Dad’s wondering what went wrong?!

Hey rebels I’m pleading you can hear me!
The way we live the way we love is everything
So what if I memorized every verse(Bible or song verse)


Shout it! Make actions scream
Shout it! What this world needs
Shout it! Stick to your guns
Cause from our hearts (then) form our lungs.


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