Libber Tea

Автор:Undeclinable Ambuscade
Альбом:One For The Money

United states of the America.
They like things to be big, bigger cars, bigger wars.
There’s a place far from here, where you have to twist to open your beer.
Very progressive but when Bill has an affair.
Papers are filled with rumours, did he cum in her hair?
Suing is their national sport.
Sue to the bone so you get better lives.
There’s a place oversea where they are drinking libber tea.
Not ’til 1500 your history began.
Aren’t the Indians the real Americans?
And as the average movie shows, it is America who saves us all.
We love you America.
Worship you America.
No better than America.
If you want to be an example, for us less intelligent creatures.
You just wake up and smell the coffee.

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