Blow U Out


Blow U Out
Yall aint ready 5x

Let’s make this official
U aint gotta pull out your pistol
Cuz I’ll play a game where theres no such thing as a whistle
This is confidential
That means this between me and u now wut your punk crew gonna do
I dont think im the best
But every time I touch people say I been blessed
Yall other rappers talk about ice
U probably so broke u probably cant afford just to throw the rice
Better pull up your guard
Cuz im gonna hit u so hard
U gonna think u be hind bars
If u mess wit me
Your peeps gonna miss u
And find the ground full of your body tissue

can u spit
A hot flow or no
If u cant me u better not doubt
Now I must blow u out blow u out blow u out

The girlz reconize
And these fakr hustlers do to
Im the hottest thing walking through high school
From sen-high to ben-high
I got your girl saying why-why
U had to go bye-bye
Cua while im playin
U sittin there hatin
Trying to still my rhymes
Like u gary payton
Mess wit me u better say your prayers
Cuz ill have u runnin li9ke u gale sayers
So good night
Cuz me u aint gonna be able to fight

Against me haha
U to little of a mass
To last
Thats why your so called called crew pass
Im like ludacris ill throw them bows
On the down low
So nobody has to know
How I broke your nose
Now it look like a disformed rose
Now be like m.o.p. and ante up your clothes
And your old jordans
They are older than
My grandfather
Why even bother to battle me
That’s a pity

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