Status Quo

Альбом:Round 6
Hands are tied — the scene is set

To take advantage of the meek
As sacrificial lambs are killed

The blood will run into the street

Mass migration — exodus
All lemmings forced into the sea

It's a masochistic attitude

But better you than fuckin' me

It's a fool's paradise

Who'll pay the price?
It's not for you and me to decide

Why piss and moan?
You're not alone

Stay shallow and swallow your pride

Hearts fill with rage

This day and age
Cry freedom and fight to be free

They can't deny my reason

I don't believe in the powers that be

Speak your peace and fill the void

Then let your will decide your fate
Spark a violent overthrow

And undermine the church and state

Break the silence — seize the day

The gut reaction is to kill
Fuck the system — seek the truth

For the cause I know you will

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