Feudal Japan

Автор:Lone Ninja
Альбом:Burnt Sector

[Lone Ninja:]*
You have to yield I'm axe wielding your plasma spilled I lack feelings
You're captured, killed I blast shields in
No help when hell comes foes felt the maelstrom
Lone welts you frail bums they're pale and numb
They'll succumb on your trail you wail
I assail, I'm glum forever dark and grim
Like seven cardinal sins the terror's harsh
You yell and start to cringe i'll tear apart your kin
The hate is dreadful the spectre's marching in
Your place of refuge I aint respect you
Threw down the guantlet no escape or rescue
A huge cloud of darkness have a fit and tantrum
Taunt and approach an apparition, phantom
Haunt like a ghost you want to provoke the wrath
A big mistake I'm stomp on your throat then laugh
A twist of fate Commander of the Forces
The vandal is remorseless I'll hand you all your losses
I ran into your fortress damage and scorching
I'm skilled in combat the savage is stalking
Your killed on contact your spirits gone back
To where it belongs you'll get you jaw tapped
I'm fearless and strongthe menace is armed
And loaded for bear assailing with bombs
And throwing the spearsyou're frozen with fear
My aim will paralyze opponents is scared
I maim a batter guys the blade will shatter spines
Of competing competitors the rage and wrath are blind
I will creep as the predator wash the feet of the emperor
My foes is a foot stool I'm cold and I look cruel
And chosen for platoon yall samurais
With iron helmet and armor are agonized
Your squadron fell and was conquered

[Lone Ninja:]
I sneak in the secret passage retreat I'm a beast
And savage wreaking havoc you meek and you weak and passive
I'm Keeping captives in depths of the dungeon
My team is callous and you're severed and bludgeoned
Smash and pummel sumos with brass knuckle shukos
You laugh and chuckle but in the clash the scuffles brutal
Disastrous and cruel from bad to worse
The smasher lurks you're blasted when ratchet burst
You rivals, dread cannons I'm so, so risky
You stifled and flattened I show no pity
Secure the perimeter I'm morbid and sinister
I torture I'm haunting the villagers
It's best that you not doubt you're rocked in the brawl
Technical knockout you drop to the floor
The ninja clash for sport I vow to draw sword
You're in the master's court now bow to warlord

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