The End

Автор:Deadly Mosh
Альбом:Evil in The Night (EP)
I wander through these empty streets
Lost and cold at night
Alone and frightened in my dreams
I’m searchin’ for a light!
Is there hope for human race
or we are hopeless kind?
Turn off shit on TV screen
Don’t be so lame and blind!

A time in the future not too far away!
We will be surrounded by death and despair!
With Polluted oceans and unbreathable air!
Say last goodbye to your world,cause this is the end!
The End!

Every day is same old shit
I must leave this town
I’m problem of society
This system brings me down!
We can’t divide the right from wrong
And break the rules of game
I’m choking on the all those words
I ever left unsaid

We don’t have enough POWER!
To Rule Our Lives
There’s no Tommorow!
Through all these Years
We’re just living in lies
Of our own Desires!
We destroyin’ our world
What we want we will find
The End of Our Kind!
And Ask Yourself
If you are ready to kill
Are you ready to Die?

Day by Day it’s all the same
Old song just different dance
Look around and see your world
How is falling in disgrace
Our eyes are blinded by lies and greed
and nothing ever changes
We’re slipping in a slow decay
and every dream it fades.

The clock is ticking,we are trapped
Insade this cage of pain
Sitting down and counting hours
Untill we die in vein
Our mind are poisoned with the crap
they tell us it is true
And just when you think it’s over
it’s coming down on you!

we wil die in vain
inside this cage of pain
we wil die in vain
we are on the end!

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