Table Talk

Автор:Da T.R.U.T.H.
Альбом:Love, Hope, War

Verse 1
I feel like we very afraid man we fear what they say how they gonna hate us if we
fail to keep them areas grey, they tellin us to put our weapons down and bury them blades
even our peers telling us not to get too carried away Now i’m afraid to speak out against gays
marrying gays and i’m so slow to be vocal cause they gonna say that I am Loco and they gonna say I’m judgmental and they gonna throw a low-blow like I’m behind the times I should be in the home with the old folks Huh huh.. I promise you homie I aint no slow poke I know whats going on and I aint moving in slow mo huh I like bono high society is fine I aint gotta problem with Christians tryna be wise or making good music and spitting quality rhymes I guess I gotta a problem with Christians trying to hide you use to be a prophet now you tryna be signed dag you done scribbled out all the lines that divide I cant be too suprise it’s just the signs of the times if you just give me a moment I’m just tryna balance these lines cause I think we could use both Hol on break pads this aint bout me taking jabs at the latest fads Nah this is about all my youngings and the questions they ask like I’m a Christian rapper now can I wear my name tag bottom line you got freedom I aint tryna make! a law its whatever just don’t try to make us all take it off cause if the label kills my career then I take the loss and I aint tryna fight you man this is just table talk
Huhuhuhuh… yeh man…

huh huh lego
Verse 2
hun this the best and the worst time for the church more units more primetime putting in work huh more music more dimes dropping down in our purse huh more opportunity is now the gift and the curse we in reverse they wanna lull us to sleep and they hate the church they wanna put us at ease cause if we could just relax then they could relax laws and they can blackball us whenever we try to speak and I’m like how come they could say whatever they think whatever we trying to say I feel like we trying to sneak its funny cause ya’ll be calling that wise I call it the spirit of compromise I call it fearing that you won’t admit you on his side say let all of his enemy scatter and god arise huh the God of war huh the lord of host huh he aint behind he got his thumb on the pulse huh I sit down at the round table to talk and they like we gotta army yeah I’m like we gotta hulk the god who sees he gone vindicate us can’t let the world and entertainers intimidate us cause they innovate u! s with poison then the generations drink it up without thinking what happens minutes later huh man its death so thats why we speak life an we trust that our god is with us when we fight ssshh the battle aint ours to be precise I’m really hoping for boldness in the name of jesus christ huhuhuhu yeh man

Verse 3
The key is remaining sober in the days of noah they winning now but there comes a time when their reign is over when they bubble gum pop like a case of soda and we get to run home with the bases loaded stand fast stand fast in these last days hold on to the word of god when the masses hate and keep fighting with combination like a crack safe and let god be true thats the mandate

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