Автор:Buried Inside
Альбом:Spoils Of Failure

Necessity is the plea for every extension, for every elaboration of the twin gospels of service provision and security restraint: the folded geographies that demarcate all worth
Called or not the arbiters will come
Called or not biometrics will come
Technologies do their definitive labour on wedding nights
Sensory organs meet calculating engines
Eurodac fucks Privium in the penthouse of control data
But be warned: When the body is the input, when the body is the witness, when the body is the passport, inscribed and immobilized
Necessity will bring severed hands, forked-out eyes, and ripped-off limbs scattered along frontiers and abandoned in gutters as the dregs of desperation

The goal of a technology is incorporated a priori in the design and is not negotiable.
-Ursula Franklin, The Real World of Technology

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